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Four Palestinians killed during Friday clashes
December 15th, 2017 ~ 4PM EST

Catholic Leader in Gaza Calls For Revolt Over Trump’s Jerusalem Decision
December 15th, 2017 ~ 3PM EST

Protests held worldwide against Jerusalem capital move
December 15th, 2017 ~ 1PM EST

Jerusalem as capital: All the latest
December 15th, 2017 ~ 12PM EST

Five key developments since Trump's Jerusalem move
December 15th, 2017 ~ 8AM EST

Protests held across world against US Jerusalem move
December 15th, 2017 ~ 7AM EST

Mike Pence won’t be welcome at the Jerusalem church built on site of Jesus’s crucifixion
December 14th, 2017 ~ 1PM EST

Protesters at Anti-Israel Demo in Berlin Call for 'Intifada'
December 14th, 2017 ~ 1PM EST

ISIS just directly threatened New York City
December 14th, 2017 ~ 10AM EST

Qatar calls on US to reverse Jerusalem move
December 14th, 2017 ~ 5AM EST

Netanyahu: OIC Jerusalem statement fails to impress us
December 14th, 2017 ~ 3AM EST

Trump’s Jerusalem Decision Hands Iran a Powerful Tool
December 14th, 2017 ~ 1AM EST